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Consultations for prospective students

Fortunex Consultants is a leading immigration and visa consultancy firm based in Hyderabad, India. It was established in the year 2022 by a group of professionals who have extensive experience in the immigration and visa industry. Fortunex has become a trusted name in providing quality immigration and visa consultation services.

Fortunex Consultants specializes in immigration services for various countries like Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK, and USA. They provide the best-in-class immigration and visa services for individuals and families who are looking to migrate to these countries.

At Fortunex Consultants, they believe in providing personalized services to their clients. They understand the client’s needs and provide them with the most suitable solutions. They provide a comprehensive assessment of the client’s background and provide a comprehensive immigration plan.

Visa Immigration Services – Choose your Country!

UK Visa Immigration

Fortunex Consultants provide professional visa immigration services for UK. We provide tailored immigration advice and services to clients who wish to enter the UK for any purpose. Our immigration consultants are experienced and knowledgeable with the UK immigration system and can provide comprehensive advice and assistance regarding all aspects of the UK immigration process.

New Zealand Visa Immigration

Fortunex Consultants is a global immigration and visa consultancy firm that provides comprehensive and customized services for New Zealand immigration. Our team of experts provides a comprehensive range of services for clients interested in obtaining a visa for New Zealand. Our team is composed of highly experienced immigration consultants who are well versed in New Zealand immigration law and procedures.

Europe Visa Immigration

Fortunex Consultants is a visa and immigration consultancy firm that specializes in European immigration. We provide personalized solutions to our clients so that they can easily and successfully obtain visas and residency permits for Europe. Our experienced and knowledgeable team provides the best advice and guidance to ensure that the entire visa and immigration process is smooth and hasslefree.

South Korea Visa Immigration

Fortunex Consultants offers visa immigration services for South Korea. The company specializes in providing assistance for individuals wishing to study, work, or live in South Korea. They provide assistance with their visa application process, obtaining the necessary documents, and providing support throughout the entire process. Their services include helping clients to submit and monitor their visa applications

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